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The largest event on Dams.

May 15 to 18, 2017 – Ouro Minas Hotel – Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil

CBDB President´s message

brasil_pinheiroThe Brazilian Committee on Dams – CBDB is the Brazilian institution that brings together the professionals, companies, private and public entities, who conceive, design, construct and operate dams and infrastructure projects aimed at the use of national water resources. Brazil is extremely rich in water resources and as such its social, economic and environmental development depend crucially on the rational use of these resources primarily to generate energy, meet the needs of human and industrial water consumption, as well as allow irrigated crops and inland waterways wherever possible. Such use, which in addition to controlling the harmful effects of excess and lack of water in the floods and drought that eventually ravage many regions of the country, need to also minimize and compensate the environmental and social impacts that concern any infrastructure construction.

CBDB will be promoting in Belo Horizonte, in May 2017, the XXXI National Seminar on Large Dams – SNGB; together with the IV International Symposium on Rockfill Dam – a partnership between Brazil and China, and the II Seminar on Risk Management and Tailings Dams Safety. These events will be organized with the indispensable collaboration of CEMIG – Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais, which will contribute its technical prestige and its long experience on realization of projects with large dams.

The focus of the XXXI SNGB reflected in the four topics to be discussed is directed to environmental issues, economic issues and aspects relating to safety of constructions to be carried out and the ones already built. These issues are clearly among the main current concerns of the society with the realization of projects with dams and reservoirs. It is expected that the work and discussions at the seminar will enable conclusions and considerations to demonstrate to the society that reality contradicts the conclusions of opinion makers who condemn irrationally constructions and basic facilities for a civilized life of the Brazilian population.

CBDB extends an invitation to all professionals interested in the use of water resources, including design engineers, builders, consultants, owners and construction and facilities operators, teachers and researchers, experts on various disciplines, lawyers and legislators as well as officials and government agents, to participate and contribute to the progress of techniques and benefits of rational use of national water resources.


CEMIG President’s Message

Bernardo-Afonso-SalomaoIt was with great satisfaction and expectation that the Energy Company of Minas Gerais – CEMIG offered to collaborate to welcome and host the XXXI National Seminar on Large Dams – SNGB, along with the IV International Symposium on Dewatering of Dams and with the II Seminar of Risk Management and Safety of Reject Dams.

Our satisfaction derives from being able to congregate here in Minas Gerais three events of national and international reputation and aware, of the importance that the subjects to be discussed have for the sustainable technical-economic development of several industrial segments as well as the one of infrastructure. The Mines of the Rich Dams, of the mighty rivers and the mountain ranges are also, by natural vocation, the Mines of the great dams.

Our expectations were given to the events that took shape and the thematic programming that was consolidated with a scope that would certainly attract the attention of the various professionals involved in the challenge of designing, constructing and operating dams, regardless of their purpose.

It is also a source of great pride for Cemig to be able to welcome participants in our Três Marias and Irapé mills, economic development landmarks in Minas Gerais and Brazil, as well as being true icons of national engineering and entrepreneurship.

It is with the typical hospitality of the people of Minas Gerais that we await and welcome the participants of the seminars and the symposium, which for sure will become memorable for the richness and depth of their debates.

Energy Company of Minas Gerais
Bernardo Afonso Salomão de Alvarenga
CEO President